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The Double UGODOG is specifically designed for larger breed dogs that need adequate space.  The connector is a clear plastic component that holds two single UGODOGs together in a way that prevents any urine or solid waste from leaking in-between.  Any urine that lands atop the connector will spill into one of the two UGODOGs.  The double UGODOG is otherwise used in the same way as a single UGODOG.

  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Free Shipping to the Continental USA.
  • Free Training Manual with every order.
  • Dimensions:  26.4"L X 38.2"W X 1"H
Shipping Rates:
Continental USA: Free
Hawaii & Alaska: $39
Canada: $39

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    Works great!

    Posted by April on Nov 5th 2018

    My dog used to use an artificial indoor grass and switched to the ugodog tray. He had 0 transition time to get used to it and I’m satisfied that his paws stay dry all the time now and don’t smell like pee anymore

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    Double UGODOG

    Posted by Sue on May 7th 2018

    LOVE IT!! Ordered double size and spare grates. Both arrived faster than expected. Was sceptical at first if our litter of 5 week old Aussie puppies would use it but knew it would be much better than wet newspapers that get ink on their paws or pee pads that they love to tear to pieces. They took to it instantly walking on the grates which really are extremely soft (smooth surface) for their little paws! Yes, they’ll sleep on them too they love them so much but if they do…they’re not laying in pee! Even mom (50lbs) has sat or walked on them, they are solid. Excellent quality and great neutral colour!

    Been using the UGODOG for about two weeks now. They’re a bit expensive especially getting shipped to Canada, I had searched/considered cheaper ones online but since I was new to them, decided price probably dictates quality and went for the best. We're sure they will last. We are so happy with them that we would like to order two more sets for our 4 week old litter – not even going to consider the cheaper ones (hmmm, except now I see they are out of stock?! Oh oh….)

    We had ordered spare grates at same time for easily switching when pooped on. They are very easy to clean like others have said. Leave them soaking in soapy or cleanser water and it’ll come off pretty much by itself or a brush. So much better for the environment too!

    Note, when first encouraging them to potty on it, don’t use peed on newspaper under the grate. The print stained the tray (but who’s going to see it??). And it was wonderful to see the pee pads not get dragged all over the floor on the first try as well - though neither are necessary as it works perfect without.

    Thank you UGODOG for creating this great product….hope we can order more!

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