UGODOG Absorbent Liners. An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional dog training pads to absorb urine!

Our Absorbent Liner Pads fit perfectly into the base of the UGODOG to absorb urine for easy clean-up. Each liner pad can be rinsed and reused up to three times each. UGODOG Absorbent Liner Pads are to be used in combination with the UGODOG Training System.

Save Money using UGODOG Absorbent Liners instead of Traditional Pee Pads!
The UGODOG Indoor Potty is designed to collect urine in the base of the system. It’s not necessary to use newspaper or traditional Pee Pads to line the base, however our customers have found clean-up to be easier with either. that’s why we decided to create the UGODOG Absorbent Liner Pads for the base of the UGODOG. Each Absorbent Liner can be rinsed, dried (hang dry) and reused multiple times. Each package contains 15 individual pads for a 45-day supply.

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