What Makes UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty Different?

UGODOG is an innovative and environmentally friendly indoor dog potty and house training system.

Benefits for your Dog

  • Suitable for Small and Big Dogs
  • Unique Design for Comfort and Safety of Paws
  • Keeps Paws Dry
  • Your Dog eliminates wastes as needed and methodically
  • Healthy and Tidy Lifestyle for your Dog

Benefits for you as Dog Parents

  • Easy to Use, Clean and Maintain
  • High Quality and Sturdy Plastic
  • Reduce Bacteria build-up and Unpleasant Odor around the House
  • UGODOG absorbent liners are reusable, washable & biodegradable
  • Free Training Manual with Money Back Guarantee
Single UGODOG For Small Dogs
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Double UGODOG For Larger Dogs
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Training Manual includes tips given by expert trainer Susan McCullough

The ONLY indoor dog potty awarded
5 stars and approved by the American
Pet Association.

  • Hear the story behind the UGODOG from its creator.
  • See how to use the UGODOG and liners!
  • Hear from an actual UGODOG customer.

Grass is NOT always cleaner!

  • Grass accumulates harmful bacteria, and is hard to maintain and clean.
  • Grass traps offensive odors and disguises wastes.

What to order:

  • Choose either a Single or a Double UGODOG depending on the Breed and size of your Dog.
  • Try our absorbent LINERS for the base of the tray.
    • Use liners instead of newspaper in the base of the UGODOG for an easy cleanup.
    • Absorbent lines can be rinsed in warm water, hung dry and reused at least three times.

Accessories And Additional Products


An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional dog training pads to absorb urine!

Other Products

We highly recommend these all products to help with your pet-care needs!


Single Connector to join two single Ugodog’s into one larger indoor pee area.


Order extra grates for your UGODOG to help make cleanup even easier.