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UGODOG is an innovative and environmentally friendly indoor dog potty and house training system.

Our UGODOG trays are made from high-grade durable plastic and are easily cleaned. Use our optional amazing liners with the system.

How To Use The UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty

  • Put the UGODOG wherever you want in the home.
  • Remove the grids and place newspaper or UGODOG liners in tray.
  • Replace grids over newspaper or UGODOG liners.
  • Refer to your FREE training guide on how to teach your dog or puppy how to use your new UGODOG!
  • After cleaning, remember to put the UGODOG back where it was before (use the same spot that your dog gets used to).

FREE shipping within the continental United States! See product details for shipping rates to other areas.

  • Single Ugodog tray suitable for small dogs and puppies.

    Single UGODOG for Small Dogs and puppies up to 35-40 lbs. 30 day money back guarantee. Free Shipping to the Continental USA. Free on-line 5 step Training Manual with every order. Dimensions:  26.4"L X 19.1"W X...

  • Double Ugodog tray suitable for larger dogs.

    The Double UGODOG is meant for larger breed dogs that need more space than small breed dogs will need.  The connector is a clear plastic component that connects two UGODOGs together in a way that prevents any urine or...

  • Ugodog with Connector

    Single Ugodog with a connector. The Ugodog with a connector will connect with a single Ugodog to create a larger indoor potty area.  This is perfect for larger dogs...