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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Ugodog.

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Traveling with your Dog this holiday Season

As the holiday approaches many dog get to set out on an adventure. Make sure to take things your dog is familiar with such as their bed, a favorite toy and their Ugodog.  Having things they are familiar with makes your dog feel more at home.

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Dog and Santa

Many pet stores are offering pictures with Santa for your pets. This is a great outing for you and your dog this holiday season and don't forget to get a special treat for under the tree this Christmas.  Also remember, Ugodog makes a great gift

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Winter and your dog

This past winter various parts of the country get very cold. With arctic blasts coming from down north, heavy snows falling across multiple states, and wind chill bringing the weather into the negatives, it can all be a little intimidating! Not just for you – but for your dog, as well! Many dogs struggle with [...]

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How to Groom your Dog

Dog grooming is one of the very basic needs of the dog. It makes the dog feel and look its best. Grooming is the hygienic care and cleaning of the dog, which makes their coat healthier and shinier. This is the best way to get close with your pet and it should be started [...]

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UGODOG Speical for September

During the month of September we are offering a special on the Single and Double UGODOG's.Single reg $49.95 special price $44.95Double reg $99.90 special price $89.90

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YouTube Contest #ugodog

This month is the #ugodog YouTube contest.  Enter to win $500.  You need a video of your dog using the Ugodog or have the Ugodog in the video.  Go to our facebook page and get the complete details to enter.

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Heat and your Dog

It some areas it is getting extremely hot, so make sure your pet has plenty of water, a shaded area if they are outside, and never leave them in the car. 

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#Ugodog is having a YouTube contest starting August 1 to August 30, 2016. Log on to our Facebook page to get all the details.

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Dog Health

Your dog requires a nutritious diet to keep him healthy and strong. When your dog is well taken care of, he is more likely to feel good, which makes him more playful and energetic so he can lavish unconditional love on you. #dog#health#love

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