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Ugodog reviewed by a Pet Lover

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Thank you to Kwinten Alexander for his objective and detailed review of our Ugodog potty training system, confirming that it offers the highest comfort for your dog and is very easy to clean and maintain.

In The News

A company in Scotland give employee's pawternity.  It is a great concept since dog's are a part of many people lives.  More and more companies and restaurants are becoming dog friendly.

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Happy Presidents Day

Happy Presidents Day from Ugodog. Many people have the day off and get to spend extra time with their family, friends and pets.  Have a Safe Holiday

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February is dog dental month

This month many veterinarians are offering specials on teeth cleaning and check ups for your dog.  Many dogs especially smaller dogs have problems with their teeth.  I took my teacup yorkie on Saturday and he had a good check up.

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Dog News

There is an adorable article in the Daily Dog News about an abandoned pig that became friends with a puppy and how they are best friends. It is amazing how many different animals can become friends.

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Puppy Bowl

This years puppy bowl was as usual full of puppy antics . This year we had team ruff vs team fluff competing to win the trophy.  Lots of live action, great half time show with "Kitty Gaga and the Rock Cats", a show not to miss.These puppies could all use a Ugodog

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Ugodog. 

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Your Dogs Teeth

How much do you know your pet’s teeth? It might not be the most attractive of jobs, however cleaning your pet’s teeth frequently plays a huge role in maintaining him healthy. The majority of people who ignore the task do so just because they don’t know where to start.  So here, in honor of National [...]

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Ugodog.

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Traveling with your Dog this holiday Season

As the holiday approaches many dog get to set out on an adventure. Make sure to take things your dog is familiar with such as their bed, a favorite toy and their Ugodog.  Having things they are familiar with makes your dog feel more at home.

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