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Traveling with your pets

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Traveling with your pet can be stressful for you and your dog/puppy.  Make sure to make be prepared before you head out.  A couple of tips - Make sure your pets crate (if you use one) has enough room so you pet will be comfortable, if not using a crate make sure to have you pet has a seat belt, keep you pet hydrated, schedule stops so your pet can relieve themselves and get a little exercise.


Up and running follow us!

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Shiny Coats Means Healthy Dog

A dull, lackluster coat on your dog is neither aesthetically pleasing nor pleasant to pet. Furthermore, A shiny coat is indicative of a healthy dog. There are several things you can do to help your dog have a gorgeous, enviable coat. Diet - A diet that features essential fatty acids is important for a healthy [...]

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UGODOG Absorbant Liners

Life Savers Product: UGODOG Absorbant Liners - Single Order Posted By: KR These things are amazing! I use them along with newspaper and they make cleanup so easy. The fact that I can wash them as well helps makes me feel better about not wasting.

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Pet Health Insurance

A major consideration one must keep in mind when deciding to bring home a pet is whether or not one can afford to pay for the care of that pet. What about the event of an accident or severe illness? If you don’t want to risk breaking the bank to maintain the health and wellbeing [...]

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Nipping is a behavior that is completely normal among dogs, especially puppies, and has a lot to do with a puppy’s learning process. The purpose of this article is to discuss nipping, not biting. Nipping is a form of communication, interaction, exploration, and play; whereas biting is a form of aggression.

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Stop Food Aggression

Food aggression, a subcategory of Canine Possession Aggression (CPA) is defined as territorial behavior regarding foodstuffs in the form of growling, snarling, snapping, or aggressive posturing. This type of behavior can be avoided with proper training of puppies, and should be immediately addressed in dogs already exhibiting aggressive behavior.

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Socializing Early for the Benefit of Mental Health

A well socialized dog is typically comfortable, confident and mentally stable. The more you do for your dog when she is young, the better. With patience, consistency, and good techniques, you can achieve very positive results with most dogs in a reasonable amount of time

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Idea for potty training using the UGODOG

We love our UGODOG. I'd never had a pet before and was really worried about potty training. With the UGODOG, our dog was potty trained in 2 days and never once made a mess in the house. We gave him a small pen and put the UGODOG in it. After he [...]

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This weekend Jan 30-31 events

FREE Nuisance Behavior Seminar January 30, 2016 in Santa Ana, CA, US Learn how to get rid of your dog's excessive barking, chewing, nipping, and jumping. Seminar will be taught by Alexandra Macias, CPDT-KA. Ms. Macias has been a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist

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